Finding Balance & Nourishing the Family

One of the challenges I had when starting to get more organized was actually getting organized.  I wanted to live differently, I knew I needed to live differently, and I was definitely sick and stinkin' tired of always being stressed.  Getting out of the house was hard because I couldn't find everything I needed to leave.  We spent more money shopping because I didn't know what we already had, or I knew we had it and couldn't remember where.  I spent more time with my head in my hands, praying for strength to make it through the day because I was overwhelmed by all the stuff that I was surrounded by.

That was a little over four years ago.  I'm so glad that I am not that person any more.  But the progress hasn't stopped.  Today I'm on a different part of the journey to a well balanced, peaceful, thriving home.

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For the last two years, God has been impressing upon me the importance of nourishing and nurturing my family not only spiritually and emotionally, but also physically.  Man is comprised of three parts: body, soul, and spirit.  As a mother, I am responsible for helping my children mature in all three of these areas and meeting the needs of each.

To nourish their souls, I point them toward God.  I help them uncover who He has made them to be.  I love them.  I spend time with them.  I listen to them.  I play with them.  I enjoy them.  I teach them.  I disciple them.  I help them revel in their individuality and walk with them on the journey of self discovery.  I teach them to enjoy the world around them.

To nourish their spirits, I point them toward God.  I empower them to serve Him wholly, in whatever way they are capable and feel led.  I teach them to hear the still, small voice of the spirit.  I read the Word of God to them and speak the Truth over them.  I train them up to honor His ways.  I worship and live so that they can see how they, too, can walk with God.

To nourish their bodies, I -- oh, wait.  What do I do?

I have to stop and think about that because this part is a little bit newer to me than the rest.  I try to get them outside doing physically active things, although it's not always feasible.  Depending upon the season, we rake leaves, garden, walk, bike ride, explore, or swim.  I also try to help them understand the benefits of health and the building blocks of a healthy body for now and for the future.

That means feeding them nourishing meals.  It means being organized enough to plan meals, devoted enough to adhere to a meal plan, frugal enough to find the best deals so we can afford to eat this way, and loving enough to eat together each day.  I hope to start sharing with you some of the awesome things I am learning, but for now I will share with you our meal plan for the week.

Breakfasts:  We eat either a muffin (homemade from fresh ground wheat and flax flour with coconut oil) and a piece of fresh fruit or toast (topped with real butter and honey, also made from fresh ground flours and with coconut oil) with eggs and cheese and some fruit.

Lunches:  This week we will have tuna sandwiches, chef salads with homemade bread, or pasta (each day is different, and lunches I usually pick based on the day ... but they are easy and the supplies are on hand so I can do that).

  • Monday: Fried egg sandwiches with homemade potato fries
  • Tuesday {aka Awesome Hubby's birthday dinner ... his birthday is Wednesday, but that's too busy of a night to celebrate}: we're going to actually eat out at Chick Fil A for a treat (this will be our one night out this month)
  • Wednesday: Chicken, Quinoa, mixed veggies
  • Thursday: Bean Burritos (3 different types of beans, cooked and then mashed with enchilada sauce and mixed with long grain brown rice and corn) and leafy green Salad
  • Friday: Loaded Baked Potato and Salad
  • Saturday: Leftovers followed by air popped Pop Corn (topped with melted coconut oil and RealSalt) and Smoothies (made with kefir, banana, raw milk, and frozen tropical fruit) while we play games

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