Angel Say WHAT?!?! {Day 15}

Ever wonder what it would be like to have an angel come into your room or walk up to you out in public and give you a message from God?  There are a handful of folks in Scripture - starting way back with Abraham - who had angelic encounters.  Nearly all of them freaked out and had to be told not to be afraid!

I totally get that.  I mean ... HELLO! ... I am pretty sure I'd freak out, too.  One thing I don't know about is whether or not I'd have the ability to speak.  I'm thinking I'd be stunned speechless (those of you who know me well are probably doubting that, but really ... it's a big deal for me to be speechless).

Gabriel got quite a workout traveling from heaven's throne room to Israel the year Jesus was born (frequent flier miles, anyone?).  First to Zechariah and then to Mary.  And both of them started out afraid and ended up questioning his message.  (As a side bar, Abraham did this, too!  And Joshua.  And Gideon.  Doesn't take long for the shock to wear off and human nature to step in, does it?)

Picture it with me in a today kind of way (poetic license taken; hope that's okay):
MESSENGER: I have come to tell you that God is going to do {insert unfathomable miracle here}, a great and beautiful thing in your life.
YOU/ME: uh uh uh uh {stuttering in shock!}
MESSENGER: Calm down and put away your fear.  God has a plan and this is on a heavenly timetable.  You don't have to make sense of this, there is not a single way you can justify this logically, and you have now stepped into the supernatural in a way you have not before.  God is doing this because you are highly favored in His sight.

YOU/ME: Are you sure?  That doesn't sound totally possible!  Let me break this down for you, Gabe ... my life has {whatever challenges you are currently facing} going on and so what you're saying can't really happen that way.
Now, I'd love to think it wouldn't be like that.  But it is.  Nearly every day.  God comes to us gently, lovingly, beautifully all of the time.  He no longer has to send an angel because He has sent His son and there is no longer a veil blocking us from His presence.  Instead, Holy Spirit comes and whispers to us.  He beckons us to come closer, to step up higher, to engage more.  And oh so often I sit back and think, "That's crazy!"  or "That makes no sense at all" or "I just can't see how that makes sense."

You see, when the supernatural begins to seem mundane, I start to limit God to natural boundaries.  What a mistake!  I want to stop taking the Word of God and trying to fit it into my human box.  I want to respond like Mary when I hear the voice of God and reply, "Let it work in my life just the way You're said it.  If You've ordained it, I trust You!"

I get that they all questioned God ... I used to think it was nuts when I was kid, but I get it now.  I couldn't understand in my youthful passion for God how anyone could second guess Him when He was sending something so awesome to them.  Now, as an adult, I like things to make a little more sense.  Dear Lord, give me back my faith and trust in You!

I challenge you today: Open your ears, your heart, your life.  Listen to God.  And when He begins to whisper in your heart a dream that is impossible, don't reason it away.  Step up like Mary and reply: I'm ready for this; You are with me and I trust You!

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